Biggest AHA moment!

Listened to your podcast on beliefs. I have listened to it before, maybe three or four times, but doing the work now that I’m in scholars and really tried to figure out what are the beliefs creating results in my life like you suggested.
I discovered a belief that I can trace almost every negative result in my life back to. I have a belief that hard work is hard, and that it should be avoided. That happiness comes from a life of ease and luxury. I have avoided hard work my entire life. I have labeled myself lazy as if it were factial. You telling me that I can just decide what I want to belief?!!! Serious?!

Beliefs I want to question:
Work is hard
I don’t want to be overly tired
I don’t like to work
I’m lazy
I don’t stick with things
I don’t finish anything
I give up easily
I don’t know how to work hard
Hard work is hard
I’ve never finished anything
I do sloppy work
I’m all talk

What do I want to believe
I love hard work
Hard work is rewarding
I finish everything I start
I can figure anything out
I’m capable of achieving anything
I never give up
I do great work
I’m a fighter
I’m committed
I’m diligent
I’m attentive
I’m careful

Adding the modifier “I am having the thought…”to the first list. And I can feel the shift happening. Reading the second list sounds scary but exciting.