Plant-Based and Salad-Hater (…yup, it’s possible to be both)

Hi Brooke. I am “mostly plant-based” (I still eat tuna and/or shrimp about twice a month, but otherwise vegan) and have been for about 9 months now. I have enjoyed it and feel great about my decision to follow a plant-based lifestyle. Recently, I also incorporated the no-sugar, no-flour protocol and have seen even more success on my weight loss AND how I feel overall. I definitely want to stick with this as a way of life, so thank you for introducing me to that!

The issue I have – and have had for my entire adult life – is that I genuinely do not like salads. This makes going out to eat extremely tricky when you are a vegan! Sometimes I find myself avoiding social situations because I don’t know if they will have anything I can eat (which is even more likely now that I have also cut out sugar and flour – no pastas, breads or other common “vegan” choices). I desperately want to like salads. I feel like that would open up a door of so much more possibilities for me. I’ve been trying to find a new belief around this, and I landed on “It is possible that I could like salads.”

The issue I’m having is that I’m not sure how much control I have over this, since it’s a tastebuds kind of issue more than a mental issue. It’s hard for me to see salads as the circumstance and NOT have it be negative since I physiologically don’t like the taste of them (the only ones I’ve been able to choke down in the past were covered with dressings that have sugar and/or dairy in them). Thoughts on this? Where to start? How to properly model this one?


Love and Veggies,
Jenn <3 😛