Birthday run

Every Sunday I go running with a group of 5 friends. On Saturday we message each other to confirm and choose the location where we will meet.
Today is my birthday and I was really looking forward to seeing my running friends. Because of covid rules, it was the only thing that’s allowed to do with other people. All my other plans were saying hi to people on Zoom.

Anyway, the night before the only other female in the group and the person I thought I was closest to, messaged to say she won’t be running in the morning because they will be drinking a lot that evening. 2 of the other friends never messaged at all. It felt like a huge rejection.

I did 2 models, how I was feeling at the time and then an intentional model.
It helped. but I still feel sad and rejected, so thought would write here and get feedback on the models.

C. Friend said she wasn’t running on Sunday morning.

T. She knows it is my birthday and yet she has canceled on me.

F. Rejected

A. Didn’t say anything to her about her not running, decided to have a sleep and run later in the day on my own.

R. Feel that I don’t matter to people I thought were my friends.

Intentional model

C. Friend said she wasn’t running on Sunday morning.

T. It’s my responsibility to make my birthday awesome The power is in me rather than relying on other people.

F. Happy

A. Connect with my family on Zoom, feel grateful for the people who are leaving me birthday messages on FB

R. Have an awesome birthday

Thanks for your feedback