Self Work

I was so disappointed to miss out on the one day with Brooke that’s coming up- when I read the email, I thought this is the exact work I need to do. Then I decided that I’m doing this work even though I won’t be there, and have been challenging myself to level up my self coaching and awareness.

One of the things I’m working through is Your Thoughts About You, and one thought that stood out to me is “I am someone who struggles with depression.” I have had postpartum depression after each of my babies, so how does this come into play with how I think about myself?

If I can change who I am, can I change the fact of PPD after a baby is born? I want to have many more babies and have decided that if this is something that I need to go through in order to have a big family, I’m willing to do that. But would also be incredible to have a postpartum where I don’t experience that. I’ve never been diagnosed with depression, but the symptoms are there. How do I change how I see myself and can it have an effect on this experience?