Biting my nails!

I’ve been a nail biter for over 30 years! I’ve had short term periods where I was able to grow my nails out, but they didn’t last. My relationship with nail biting is very similar to a yo-yo dieter or binge-drinker! I’ve been working on my thoughts about nail biting and realize that I’ve only stopped nail biting in the past when I had a compelling reason. Each time my compelling reason is short term (grow my nails out to be a bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding, for a photoshoot for work, etc.).

SO, I think what I’m missing is a long term/forever Compelling Reason to stop for good! To be able to sit with the urge and not act on it. Right? Would you recommend watching the stop overdrinking tutorial or some other asset to work on that?

When I try to create my compelling reason today, I can’t think of one big/strong enough to sit with the urge. While I truly want to STOP biting my nails forever, I have lots of unhelpful thoughts and years of practice telling myself that it’s basically… ‘not that big a deal/why bother, etc.’

Thanks so much!