Hi Brooke,
After listening to the podcast and doing the work if I am understanding the whole blame thing this is what I found out about myself.
1. yes, I can’t control others actions only how I choose to think and feel about it.
2. If I blame them for my thoughts or feelings I’m just making myself miserable but the action or person I’m blaming doesn’t feel my thoughts or feelings anyway
3. I kept coming back to the same word over and over as to what if I didn’t blame them how would I go about that? ACCEPTANCE and accepting I can’t control the circumstance of them or their action only how I chose to think and feel about it.
4. I have lived a large part of my life in anger and frustration due to things that are totally out of my control. People do things and say things which left me with all kinds of negative feelings but I can’t change them or what they do so why waste my thinking and feeling with negative energy.
5. blame is like allowing people to slowly poison me resulting in negative thoughts and feelings. I’m blaming them but the only one i’m hurting is me.

Am I correct to think that acceptance is really the biggest answer to stop blaming others and therefore I don’t have to feel so horrible???