Bland oatmeal

Ok, so I ate my oatmeal this morning with nuts so I would have my fat. But that’s all it was. Oatmeal, a small amount of organic butter, and then nuts.

I was hungry when I ate it, and I stopped immediately when I felt I was at a 2.

As I was eating the oatmeal I felt so much sadness. I was having thoughts like:
‘Man this really sucks’
‘Really? There is absolutely no flavor’

But- I also noticed other thoughts I was having. I then started to reflect on my life!!!! Which, some more sadness came in.


My question is, did I experience my eating the correct way? Even though this sounds depressing, im actually excited because I think I was experiencing my true feelings on my life rather than getting food drunk.

Let me know what you think! I must know lol thanks so much!!!