I have a hard time using the model when I feel “blindsided” by an emotion. The feeling hits so quickly and unexpectedly that it doesn’t even seem like there is a thought between the circumstance and the feeling (although I know there must be). I find it so intolerable that I remain on edge expecting someone is going to come at me with an unexpected criticism or bad news so it’s less intense when it does happen. An example would be if I am doing really well at work for a period of time, feeling motivated and on top of things, and my boss intensely approaches me about something I forgot to do or did incorrectly. Another would be feeling like things are really good in my relationship, feeling happy all the time, and then being blindsided by my husband cheating on me (this has not happened, by the way, I’m just living in fear that it will). It’s like I’m always looking over my shoulder waiting for this to happen because I think that will somehow ease the blow. But it prevents me from being present and enjoying what is good in my life. What tools or strategies would you recommend for this type of situation?