Boom! – Got my $$ worth – AMD

Whew! This was a beast of a month so far and I thought I might go all the way to 9/30 before I hit it.

Got my value for the month today…
Podcast work… Can you work under your own pressure without needing external pressure? Yes. But I’m a terrible bully. — So I circled that negative thought and went to work modeling that.
C: Schedule
T: I’m a terrible bully to myself
F: Fear
A: Buffer
R: Work piles up, I have to bully myself

C: Schedule
T: I am an amazing creation, like a finely tuned sports car or a high performing agility dog, I need special treatment and reverence to keep performing well.
F: Overwhelming relief and tears of gratitude
A: Treat myself like I would my Stealth or my Dobermans, treat myself like the valuable being I am – with care, proper fuel, rest, reasonable demands and reverence.
R: I am able to accomplish amazing feats when called on to perform at my peak.

Holy ****

Oh.. and I lost 5 lbs since 9/1 – getting it done Mama.