Boss is doing the "Walk Around" / MICRO MANAGER’ing on me

Boss is a micro manager and I’ve been able to just have the thought that this isn’t personal and it’s “just what he does.”

Today he told me he’s been contacting prospects on LinkedIn to setup calls and got a few interested. The Circumstance FACT: He is doing prospecting, something that is apart of my job description and not his. He is the President and I am the sales person so this definitely feels threatening, EXTRA because I am moonlighting a bit while trying to get my coaching business up and running. Moonlighting meaning my heart isn’t in this job BUT there is so much guilt around the moonlighting because this job pays me very well so when he does shit like this, I feel super uncomfortable and guilty. I’ve modeled this out in the past and acknowledge that I am now moonlighting because of past experiences with him where he’s cut my commission when I am closing more business (basically keeps renegotiating my commission as I make him more money so I make less), and this is why I chose to start my own business. But the guilt still remains. When shit like this happens, I feel threatened, I feel like I am a bad sales person, I am moonlighting because he under appreciates me, and I want to be my own boss. So my focus is not 100% on the day job.

I need help with the guilt and the threatening feelings specifically.