Boundaries & relationship

Dear coach,

Here is my challenge of the day:

My boyfriend and I were supposed to fly out for the weekend as our first romantic getaway.

Due to the COVID outbreak, we had to cancel this but decided to spend 3 days together enjoying walking in the mountains.

To do so, I had to take a day off work on Friday (today).

Since Wednesday, he keeps on pushing back when we will actually meet, first saying it would be Friday morning, then he asked for Friday afternoon, then he pushed it for Friday late afternoon and in the end, he said he will come when he is finished with his stuff.

I called him and communicated that I am disappointed because I could have worked instead or I could have organized earlier to call some friends or do something with my holiday. In his opinion, he did nothing wrong and I should be flexible and adapt to his schedule.

I interpret this behavior as a lack of respect and I feel like my boundaries have been crossed.

I’m wondering if I should not cancel the weekend all together because I am so upset that it won’t be a good time together anyway.

Is this a problem of boundaries? Or manual?

Is it possible to love someone with such selfish behavior?