My Brain Is Playing Games

Hi Brooke,

I lost 40 pounds with your incredible Stop Overeating program. I set out my protocol on February 4th and never looked back.
I did not have any slip, any fallout, day in and day out I kept going and losing weight.

Over the past two weeks I noticed that I get off protocol on social occasions and while it’s not with sugar or flour, it’s with grains, which if not on my protocol, or bigger portions, and yesterday I weighed myself and saw that I gained 3 pounds.

When I go back to find the sentence I had at the times, it was – ‘I can afford to have that as long as it’s not sugar or flour. Let that be my joy eat.’
Doing the model, the result comes to me gaining weight and I am planning to go back to protocol immediately.

What I don’t understand is that I thought I got it for life. Can you explain to me what actually happened that allowed my brain to shift back and overeat?