Job Hunting

Hi Brooke,
I’m a stay at home mom and my goal for this month is to find a programmer job. I got my BS a long time ago, and I don’t have any previous experience. Therefore, even after I wrote down the goal and all the obstacles, and the strategies, I still feel it is impossible to do it within a month, or two months. Every time I think about my goal, my whole body is shaking, and I feel cold, very cold.
I seriously don’t know what to do next. No matter what models I’m working on, deep down I know that I’m not qualified for the job that I’m looking for.
I know that you’d mentioned about giving value, but I seriously cannot find any value to give them. Would you recommend that I should stop looking for this job, and start attending more courses to improve my chances since I truly believe that the chance of me getting hired is very low? Or should I pick other types of job for the time being?
Thank you.

This is one of my models:
C: Get a programmer job
T: I’m qualified for the job. (feel like a lie)
F: neutral (ok, fine).
A: Sitting on my chair and shaking.
R: not getting anywhere.