Stop Overdrinking Win

Hi —

I just wanted to report on a Stop Overdrinking Win. I joined that program in October and used it successfully to eliminate what had become my daily habit of drinking wine (2-3 glasses) in the evenings during the week. But I was still struggling with not drinking/over drinking in social situations. I joined here to continue working on that and other things.

This past weekend, my husband and I were invited to a get together at a good friend’s house. I knew there would be a group of people there all drinking. I was tempted to skip it but in the spirit of embracing being uncomfortable to reach a higher level, I decided to go and accumulate some urges in that type of setting. My husband, a hard wired optimist who is also working on reducing his drinking, said: “I think we will be surprised at how much fun we will have.” I did not believe that for one second.

However, I think from you sharing your experience with not drinking in social situations and how much fun you have, my brain was at least open to that possibility. Sure enough, we went, I did not drink and I had a GREAT time, a laugh at loud great time. I enjoyed all the conversations I had and only left when people had been drinking more and became more “blurry.” They were less fun to be around than earlier in the evening. Who knew???

Mind blown!
🙂 Michele