I have been with Coaching Scholars now for a little over 6 months. I’m always excited to receive the booklet each month and know it is all there to work on independently, but I find that work and other things draw my time away from doing the work and I’m feeling more and more stuck in my job. Ironically, I dreamed about being in Coaching Scholars for quite some time, and ultimately, I was able to convince my employer to pay for it. He really didn’t buy in to it, but I made the case that at my level as VP, it was very important to move into a coaching model-type of professional development. I also argued that professional development at my level could no longer (in and of itself) be considered a class or workshop or even a conference. I argued that I though he should consider professional coaching and also gave him examples and #’s of what 1×1 coaching costs and how this alternative could be a more palatable way to obtain professional development (he shuns anything that might look like personal development…he asked me for the SCS website and materials, then came back to say this looked more like “self-help” — in any case, he approved it for 6 months, and now I’ve gotten a 6 month extension as I explained the SCS is based on a year-long curriculum.

I’d like to really get my head into the program and figure out how I can amp the work in SCS, but I find myself stretched and leave the booklet work a bit unfinished. I suspect the everyday things I deal with and my frustration in the position I hold, keeps me from clearing the deck.

Can you help me frame one or two questions to the model, so I can begin to clear what is keeping me feeling stuck? I suspect one thing I fear is the process of job search and the unknown about moving on… I ask myself whether I’m just creating more than I need in my head and should just figure out how to make it work.

How can I frame these questions so I can utilize the model to break down the circumstances I am grappling with?