Buffering vs. Rest vs. Balance?


I started SCS in January and decided to go all in on gaining acceptance to my dream medical school.

You talk about how you went all in on making SCS the best it could be last year, but it’s seems like that didn’t mean you worked all day, every day. In fact, you mentioned how you deliberately took time off to rest and live the other parts of your life.

How do I know the difference between buffering and REAL rest/ self-care. (Not just excuses to not do work in the guise of “self-care.”) For example! I’ve haven’t been focusing on eating healthy and sleeping as well because I want to commit to doing the work to achieve my big goal. Does going all in mean choosing to put aside eating healthy, sleeping well, and trying to make friends? This seems wrong, but maybe the desire for balance is just an excuse to be mediocre at many things?

Even if I get more and more productive, and take actions towards my goal faster, there will always be more I can do. Where do I draw the line?