Buffering with daydreaming about owning my own home someday.

Every day and multiple times a day, I envision myself living in my own house. I’m very specific about what kind of house it is and all the projects I do to turn it into something I love. I am starting to interrupt myself when I slide into this thinking but I love envisioning/day dreaming about this. My current reality is that I live with my husband, we own our home and while I have been doing projects here and there, it’s not really what I want. I realize I’m falling into “the grass will be greener” so I need help moving past this.

C: I live with my husband, and we own a house together.
T: I wish I lived alone in a smaller house and had it all to myself.
F: Disappointed
A: I Pin pictures of houses on the market and daydream about what I would to make it my own.
R: ???I’ve been at this so long that I’m not sure what my result is other than knowing this isn’t making me happy. This is an escape for me so maybe my result is that I don’t acknowledge or talk about what I want. I’m trying really hard to appreciate where I am right now, and to bring up issues with my husband when they come up.