Business Confusion

I am experiencing muddled thoughts re: the next step for my group program participants for my biz.
A little backstory:
*I wrote a parenting book and I had an 8 week coaching program that goes with it. The program was a bit advanced for the majority of the people coming through my door (parents without any self help experience so learning about shifting thoughts and body “whispers” while their kids were having daily meltdowns wasn’t meeting them where they were.) I realized most parents needed to learn my foundational conscious parenting concepts to get the most out of the book program since it is a new language and not the way any of us were raised – lots of stuff about the brain and the “why” behind kid’s misbehaviors.
*So I created a pre-req 6 week foundational program that comes before the book program. I made these into 2 online courses in Ruzuku (For simplification here, I will call them Course 1 and Course 2. Course 1 is 6 weeks, inexpensive and done as a group. Course 2 is 12 weeks, deeper dive, pricier and 1:1.)
3. I am now a little more than halfway through Course 1 with my first group
4. They are loving it and want more than the 6 week experience. Moving forward and how to proceed with them is where it feels muddled and foggy in my brain.

I have created a private FB group for Course 1 students and they are very active in it. (Course 1 includes, online interactive learning site, private FB group, weekly coaching call and weekly live class). I have told them that they will continue to have access to FB group once Course 1 is over. It feels out of alignment to me to kick people out of a group once the course is over. Once I do the next group course, they will continue to have access and listen to my coaching calls but won’t be able to participate. I don’t yet have dates for the next group course.

1. What do I do with my current Course 1 students once the group ends? It feels way too early in the growth of my biz to create a monthly coaching membership but that is essentially what they are asking for. The details of creating this feels complicated and over my head at this point.
2. Or should I give them free FB access and move them directly into Course 2 and do it as a group experience. The momentum is high and I don’t want to miss the boat.

*Full disclosure – I feel nervous to ask for help here. I’m not sure if this is beyond the scope of the Self Coaching Scholars program and if it is, I would love a recommendation for a trusted resource to get business guidance. I joined this group b/c Brooke is “that” person for me that Tony Robbins suggests you emulate. I have been studying, self helping and teaching about conscious parenting for more than a decade. My biz is ready to explode but my business overwhelm is a problem. I need to keep it simple – focus on my simple biz plan and do that again and again until it is time to expand to the next level. I know I need help with my simple plan. Any guidance is GREATLY appreciated. Love, Randi