But what about when our thoughts are confirmed to be true?

I’m still confused regarding the Thought line. Is it fair to say sometimes the thought I am having is, in fact, true and not just a story I made up?

Ex: I think to myself, “I think my co-worker doesn’t like me; she seems to avoid eye contact and never says hello.”

Then later that day, I overhear said co-worker say to a peer, “I really don’t care for so and so…..”.

So then our thought is proven true regardless of how many other stories we tell ourselves. After something like that, I can’t try to put other things like “maybe she’s just shy” or “maybe I’ve misinterpreted her actions” in the Thought line because I know the truth. I know she doesn’t like me based on her own words.

Does this make sense? And does this mean the Thought line isn’t always just a story we make up in our brain?