Calendaring and not following through

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been scheduling about 5 hours of work on my business. (I schedule results in my calendar, not actions.)

Some weeks I am able to follow through and work during the hours I scheduled. In those cases I get the results done, or most of them done. And I feel good about myself.

But other weeks, like this week, I cancel on myself. I don’t follow through on some or most of the hours I had scheduled for business. Usually it’s because something comes up at work and my work takes priority over my scheduled business hours. Another reason is that I feel overwhelmed at my schedule and I cancel on myself. In those cases I want to have more free time. Sometimes I don’t manage my own energy levels, I don’t think through how the day will be. Sometimes that just means I have a hectic day, which I’d prefer not to have. Sometimes that means that I just didn’t think through that I’ll need a nap – like yesterday when I woke up 2 hours earlier than usual for an appointment.

I don’t want to use my schedule against myself – I want to have some free time, a good pace, not too hectic. I’m starting to think that may not be possible with the job and the business.

Anyway, I feel bad about this circumstance that I didn’t get to the hours I wanted to work in my business.

I am making it mean that I won’t be able to do enough work in my business if I don’t get to all the hours I have scheduled.

I am also making it mean that I can’t quit my job because technically it’s possible to schedule all this time to work at both my job and the business, and so I should just do that instead of quitting.

What do you see here? Thanks for your help with this!