Can projection be a circumstance/fact?

I think I’m projecting my work on those I love…

C – Projection
T- I think I overstepped my boundaries by suggesting that there are other thoughts to choose from
F- vulnerable – self righteous? (hope not)
A- withdraw
R- I’m left wondering if I’ve said too much

I’m picking a different thought in this model…

2nd Model
T-My friends are suffering
A-Offer support and reminders around the freedom we have around choosing our thoughts
R-My friends are still suffering

Based on your podcasts I’ve listened to and the SCS materials on manuals and relationships, I likely should not have gently invited my friends to consider they have other thought options to choose from? I’ve noticed I am seeing patterns in the way others’ choose to think and how it affects how they feel and act. How do you deal with witnessing the detrimental effects of negative thought patterns in those you love? I know it’s their responsibility and work to fix but when I see my loved ones suffering, I want to jump in and offer support. Any suggestions?
Thanks for your time and consideration, Brooke!xo