Can you have more than one goal?

So, I set a q2 impossible goal of making 10k in my business by June 30th. It motivated me to put out a workshop series but that only brought in approximately $500 and I’m not super excited about the goal anymore. I would rather focus on getting in amazing shape physically and emotionally and decluttering my house and making it an oasis. Those things would give me more fulfillment. Not sure if I should abandon 10k goal? Can’t remember exactly why I set it in the first place? To get my business off the ground? To be able to help people? I’m also working full-time at another job so this seems a bit lofty given the workload and time constraints + missing out on time with my kids. Is this just my brain doing what it does? I really want to get in shape & declutter my house for summer as given the current circumstances, we will be spending a lot of time here. Thank you.