My husband and my mother don’t get on well

Hello coaches,

My husband and my mother don’t get on very well.
My parents live 1000 miles away from our place.  So when they come, they stay 3 weeks at home.  And it’s not always easy.
For example, the last time they came, it was winter, it was very cold in the house and my husband didn’t want to increase heating.  When my mother said, “Could you please increase the heating a little?”, he said, “Put another pullover on”.
All kinds of things like that happen all the time.
Whenever he behaves that way, I’m so disappointed with him.

I did a model on this:
C: my husband refuses to increase heating when my mother asks for it
T: why is he being so disrespectful to my parents?
F: disappointed and sad
A: I get closer to my parents because I want to make up for what has happened; I feel distant from my husband; I ruminate; I don’t talk to him very much; I wish he would behave differently; I worry about the future;
R: I am not connected with my husband anymore

I don’t know how to change my thought in order to and feel peaceful no matter what.
Could you please help me?