Can you skip the "Action" step?

Does there always have to be an action when we are considering the model? Here is an example:

C: My accountability friend sends me her brief daily check-in via text and it has seven exclamation points and she uses her favorite word to describe how she is feeling about her progress: “invigorated!!!”
T: Ugh. Too many bleeping exclamation points. Her peppiness gets on my nerves.
F: Annoyed
A: I don’t know? I don’t “do” anything – I just think this thought sometimes when I see her exclamation point-laden texts.
R: Her enthusiasm gets on my nerves (can there be an R if there is no A?)

When I thought this during her most recent check-in I saw my unintentional model and realized that it’s not serving me. I love my friend, she demonstrates enthusiasm a lot (with the use of exclamation points and high-vibe words like “invigorated” and “euphroic”). She has so many qualities I admire. If I am going to think negative thoughts half the time (as Brooke says is part and parcel of being human) I certainly want to choose more positive thoughts as much as possible when I am aware of the thought, especially in a situation like this one involving a friend I adore.

New model:
C: My accountability friend sends me her brief daily check-in via text and it has seven exclamation points.
T: My friend is a bonkers delight, her enthusiasm makes me smile
F: Love
A: Nothing, I think that new thought. There is no action….is there?
R: My friend’s joie-de-vivre brings me joy.

I’m wondering about these fleeting moments like this one above and others that happen all day long. A friend’s post on social media that maybe lands in me in a low-vibration way; or getting cut off in traffic; or someone behind me standing thisclose to me in line at the bank. I can also choose the thought that it’s okay to feel the uncomfortable feeling and just feel it, not try to change – but it seems like it’s the same thing in terms of the action.

Or is watching my thoughts and being intentional…is that an Action? This feels like a very meta question! Especially as I am becoming aware of the auto-pilot in my brain that wants to think judgmental or uncompassionate thoughts!