Can’t find a new thought (Nadège)

Hi Brooke,
This morning, my headmistress brought some pastries to the staff room. I had one, off plan. This afternoon, a colleague brought chocolate biscuits. I had none. That brought me to the conclusion that when my headmistress says she’s thankful to her team and shows it with pastries, it’s as if I wanted to swallow that emotion via the food. I want to integrate, to assimilate gratitude.
So here come the questions:
1. I can’t seem to find a new thought that would allow me to feel detached instead of “needy” (“if I eat that pastry, the feeling of thankfulness will be part of me and I need it so much!”).
I’ve tried:
– food is no emotion
– I create my emotions and food has nothing to do with it
But I’m short of ideas.
2. I realise I’m also very judgmental towards myself:
C – Ate food off plan because of thought: “food = emotion”
T – How silly of me!
F – spiteful
A – I have some cake, off plan, in the evening
R – I’m being silly instead of responsible and I’m not following my plan
Is it possible to use one of our thoughts in the C line?
Thank you so much for your answers!
Have a great evening!
Nadège in Paris