Can’t get past old friendship

I was friends with W for a long time. I realized, however, a few years ago that the friendship was not fulfilling to me. Since my way of dealing with things has been avoidance (one of the reasons I joined SCS is to stop doing that), I basically decided to ghost her.

However, despite knowing that this friendship was not adding to my life, thinking about her still irritates me, like a sore tooth I can’t stop working. I imagine conversations where I tell her off for some of the things she’s done (you know, not fulfilled the manual). Obviously, doing any such thing is a waste of everyone’s time, so I have no plans to actually do it.

I don’t know how to stop going over this. I recently took a vacation to NYC, where she lives, and while I had a fantastic time there I kept thinking, “Oh no, what if I run into her?”

How do I put this relationship to rest and stop obsessing on it?