Past Mistakes

Hi Brooke … this is my first time writing in! I’m doing the exercises this month, I’ve been thinking a lot about all my past mistakes. I’m having a hard time trying to come up with a positive model for mistakes I made. I’ve had circumstances where I can see I was the victim and can re-frame thing, but having a much harder time with things that I actually did wrong, or where I hurt another person, situations where I made a big mistake. I’m trying to re-frame my thoughts about my past & my life.

I also started the ‘Money’ course and am working through the videos and exercises. Here are my models from this morning. I am going to work on money beliefs today (past/present/future) and will do more models around money. Am I on the right track? These models feel very ‘big’ but I have a hard time knowing what my thoughts/feelings are, especially around money beliefs.

C: my life as it is right now
T: I don’t deserve to be successful
F: bad, disgusted with myself, flawed
A: self sabotage
R: debt, overweight, over drinking at times, no relationship

C: my life as it is right now
T: my past was perfect, as it should be
F: calm, at peace
A: stillness, meditation
R: find more peace, consciousness, develop more as a person
C: $20,000 a month from my job
T: I don’t deserve to be successful
F: uncomfortable, sad, overwhelmed, resistance, ignoring
A: overspending
R: debt

C: $50,000/ month from my job plus other new value I create
T: I create a lot of value each month
F: excited, growing, developing
A: create new things, share my ideas
R: money to pay my old debts, and live very well