Career Decisions

Hi Brooke! I’m new to scholars and I am enjoying May so far! I have a lot of things I’m looking forward to working on. One thing I’d like to ask sooner than later is about my feelings about jobs. I’ve been switching jobs (more specifically jobs in the last 5 years) all the same role as an Executive Assistant. I suppose I kept thinking a different work place would have different results even with the same type of work. I find after a few months at a new job I start to feel unfulfilled and dread going to work. I feel I’m not utilizing the skills I have and I get irritated doing what everyone else needs and asks me to do everyday. I know this isn’t a normal reaction and I shouldn’t be depending on my job to feel fulfilled. I get excited thinking about a future career helping others and being able to think for myself and managing my own time so Life Coaching is something I’m considering. My question is, is it my thinking that needs to be changed or should I pursue a different career? I just feel strongly I’m should be feeling better about my career and should be doing something different. Thank you! Kim