Are there any courses on celebrating oneself? Or learning to feel accomplished and proud?

I noticed whenever I celebrate myself or encourage myself I then think “don’t be so full of yourself, ____ was not actually that good, don’t look too good, your such a show off”

C celebrate my accomplishment and say “I am so proud of all of the money we saved”
T don’t be so full of yourself
F ashamed
A stop celebrate, focus on what I did wrong or how I could have done it better, focus on my other “problems”. Go on social media and compare. This results in me being grumpy and never feeling good enough, almost like I’m chasing something but can never achieve it.
R ? I’m not sure of the result?


C celebrate my accomplishment say “I am so proud of all of the money we saved”
T I am so proud of myself and what we’ve created
F proud
A allow myself to enjoy the feeling of proud, this inspires me to set new goals and plans, I am happy and confident to be around, I love being around my family, I’m not focused on how I “failed” don’t focus on the problems
R continue to feel proud of myself and prove it true.