Child with rare disease in Hospital

I am new in scholars and want to check that I am on the right track with my first models.
My son of 12 has a rare disease, and is very often in hospital. His symptoms are similar to a very severe form of autism, with self agressivity.
I developed kind of a PTSD related to hospital since I have been there so many months in the last 4 years.
Sunday we had to run to hospital and I immediately felt completely numb and chocked so here are the 2 models I tried.
first model:
C: My son is again in an extreme situation
T: I don’t know how I will handle this again with the organisation at home, my husband, my other child, covid, no school etc.etc.
F: panic, despair
a: non action
R: I am unable to think

alternative model
C: My son has a rare genetical disease and has to go to hospital
T: I am used to it, and I am fantastic at handling it.
F: Control
A: able to work with the doctors with positive inputs
R: fantastic collaboration with the doctors to help my son.

What do you think? This alternative model helped me a great deal already. Ready to improve. Excited to start the journey at Scholars