Clearing the clutter in my mind

Brooke I’ve been striving to clear the clutter. It kept coming back. You said clear your brain. I wasn’t sure how. I listened to your podcast about Amy Porterfield and listened to her podcast where she had two guests that explained how to get your email to zero and keep it that way. 12,000 emails later I’m at inbox zero. It’s about making decisions. That’s how you clear the clutter in your mind. Ignoring questions that come up or emails or regular mail creates more clutter because you wind up with 4 copies of that medical bill instead of one paid and dealt with. Anyway my mind is a whole lot clearer to start with. Got the surface clutter. Now I get to dig deeper. I’m no longer afraid of the mail or email. It’s no longer like a war I’m fighting. It’s something I handle and make decisions about and I’ve set up files and processes to support that. Also I realize I don’t need to save many conversations or voicemails or emails- they’re outdated. It’s an amazing feeling to be in the drivers seat and to have a zeroed-out inbox.