Preparing for February (and coping with a shock)

Hi Brooke,
I already listened to the February material (awesome!!!) and I realized in myself the very same thing you were talking about: I often don’t really know what I’m feeling. So I guess it will be an extremely important month for myself…preparing to it, I aksked my husband this morning, what he thinks my dominant emotion is. And I was absolutely shocked when he said: “exhaustion”. I want to believe(and still DO believe) that I’m extremely focussed, concentrated and present during my days (although: Are those really emotions?). But then, and there he’s right, I come home exhausted. So is my main emotion focussed etc or is it exhausted? AND: Does being exhausted after work mean, I’m doing something wrong? What COULD be a suitable emotion if “over focussed” might lead to exhaustion?
Thank you!