Coach drama

I’m interested in hiring a coach. My preference is 1-to-1 where there are no modules to digest or things that I have to listen to. I am at a point where I know the material. I know what thoughts are keeping me back, I see the results that I am creating, and I am ready to form new ones. I am ready.

I met with a coach who just switched to group coaching. I am creating drama in my head about whether I would like to hire her. During our call, I was not 100% convinced that she would be able to help “me.” I had no thoughts that this was a hell yes for me although I know she has helped many people and chances are she would be able to help me too.

Her group coaching sounds like it is a beta program so there will be a combination of materials to digest and just coaching in a group format. Here’s the drama which I can iron out into two issues: 1. I am not convinced that working with her and her style is what I need right now for me 2. I really just want 1:1 that I can schedule on my own time, where I don’t have to listen to anyone else get coached (which I know can be just as useful of course as I do group coaching myself).

If it were anyone else I think I would just pass, but my people pleasing is showing up here since I’m the one that reached out to her. I don’t want to disappoint her for not following through. But I am also making it mean that I am being picky and snooty by avoiding working with her because I think her coaching is kind of brash, but that shouldn’t matter. Need some help cleaning up my thinking here and trusting that I know best for myself.