Coaching Niche **Anna**

Dear Brooke,

I am on your wait list…. for 2019 (but hoping to get into 2018, although would love to be in your first class in your school). I am determined to start now, so by the time I get to you I will be on fire! I have worked in tech for 20 years as a corporate trainer and in professional development. I have fallen in love coaching after finding your work. I have made huge strides in my own life with SCS and I know these skills will take me to the next level in my full time work. I am building my practice to coach and have a goal to transition to full time coaching in 6 years (maybe sooner).

I want to work with women in tech that are working with a diagnosis. (Does this make sense, is it too vague?) I have been working on my wording and marketing. I love professional development and health and wellness. I want to combine career and health coaching, I am successful in my own personal weight loss and know I can help people. I wish I could borrow your brain for just a day. 😛

Thank you,