coaching to not withdraw

Will you help me with what feels like a junior high school problem even though I am in my late 60’s. I “get my feelings hurt” when I realize I am not being included. I actually had to block a couple of my friends on Facebook because they were posting pictures of things with mutual friends that I was not included in. (I can only imagine how hurtful that must be to real junior high schoolers!) Also, I invite people to great home cooked dinners at my house and they all rave about how they have so much fun…..but then don’t invite me to there houses for the same. I had a great friend who must have come to my house 15 times and always brought a gift or wine but NEVER has invited me to hers…so I stopped inviting her. Anytime I hear of an event that someone did and I was not included I wonder why and am hurt. I have actually talked with a friend about this (one who invites me to things) and she tells my not to take it personally…that no one is invited to everything. I get that, but when I notice that someone who never reciprocates seems to always be included…I feel like I am not well liked. I don’t have any other evidence for that thought other than the lack of invitations. I have stopped inviting people to do things….because of my hurt feelings. No one seems to notice. But, I miss doing stuff with girlfriends. So, my obvious solution is to do the inviting. But, I get super pissed off when I don’t get an invitation back. Grade school stuff….I realize…but this really impacts my life. Thanks for your coaching on this.