Result Process

Hey Brooke! Fun stuff is brewing! I’ve told you in the past “I Hate My Business” and now after doing LOTS of thought work, that has changed, which is AWESOME! Because I previously hated it for years, I pretty much flew it into the ground so I could kill it off and force myself to do something else. That’s left me with sparse moolah in the bank account. So today my Partner (who works in the business, too) tells me “We have an emergency! We have WAY too much money going out and NO money coming in – and I just found out we owe $45K in taxes due October 15.” Normally this would freak me out – but I listened, nodded, went through the credit card bill with him, identified things we could “turn off”, and then returned to my office to work on a new project we’re going to launch in September that has the potential to chip away at the tax bill – or maybe even get it all paid off.

What I’d like to do is put a dollar figure in the “Result” line and then come up with some actions to hit that result and then work up through the feelings and thoughts necessary to achieve this. What I’m thinking is a “Result” of … Make $50K in Profits by October 15, 2017 – and then brainstorming tons of different ways to do this (on top of the current project) – and then selecting the handful that seem to have the highest likelihood of success. Is this how you would do it? Or do you have a way of creating an “Action Plan” from the R-line? I know I can do it (others have made more in less time) – I’m just wondering if I’m on the right track or if you have any helpful additions to my sprint to $50K. Thanks! 😀