Coming out as Trans

A 13yo relative of mine came out to me as Trans.

I am the only adult who has been told. I have a lot of thoughts about this, and I am very worried about the impact on them, as we come from a very religious family.

Their biggest fear is their parents will no longer love them, which makes my heart hurt, and there will be a lot of rejection and judgement from family and long time friends.

I know my thoughts are creating my feelings of fear and worry.

I know that it’s my thought, “there will be a lot of judgment, there will be a family divide, and that a lot of the family will be very upset.”

I know the outcome is not certain nor in my control. Doing one model on my feelings is not going to change what happens.

I want to manage my thoughts and feelings so I can be a support for them, regardless of what comes, as well as deal with any fallout that may come my way because I do. I have had a look through the LGBQIA+ area already.

How do you manage your thoughts and feelings to anticipate what you think will be a hard experience? For example, if a loved one was about to die, how do you prepare your thoughts for that – a different example of course?