Compelling reason

I’ve been struggling with not following through with honoring my calendar. I keep arguing with myself in my head about it and then this morning I remembered something Brooke said in one of the SOE classes when she talked about compelling reason. She mentioned a story where this woman said she wanted to lose weight for her health and Brooke told her that wasn’t compelling enough. Brooke said something to the effect of if every time you overeat your daughter gets punched you’d be compelled and the woman teared up. I think that’s what I’m missing, a compelling reason, along with not having the trust I need in myself. So I’ve made the commitment to honor my calendar 100% this week, I’m gathering up the courage to feel all the feelings every single day, and my compelling reason is kind of a reward. I’ve been wanting to buy a laptop for a long time now and I realize I’ve been stewing on the idea. So if I do as I’ve planned this week, no schedule flipping allowed either, then I’ll go get my new laptop on Saturday! That really is compelling for me and knowing it’s for my business makes it even better for me. Plus building confidence in my ability to go through the river of misery and trust that I’ll do what I say I’m going to is the REAL reward for me.