Conflict with my true feelings

My husband hates his job and wants to move out of state again. (To make a long story short we have moved twice now due to his career changes). Every time we talk about it I say all the right “supportive” things because I feel that being that way is how I should be.

Today I came to the realization that when I talk to other people about our situation, my true feelings really come out. I usually make it known that Josh’s idea of moving again annoys me, and that I find his lack of liking his job frustrating.

Josh knows that I’m not thrilled about moving again, but he has no idea that I’m resenting him and rolling my eyes at him like I am.

Once I realized this I felt like an ass and wanted to change it. This was a sneaky thing to catch because his mom and sister feel the same way I do. (So it’s almost like it’s a circumstance that he’s annoying with his job ideas, when it’s not).

What’s the best thing for me to do at this point?

I almost feel like this burden has more to do with ME than it does him, really.

I need to be more truthful apparently, but I honestly thought I was just doing the right thing by being “supportive”.

Is there an upside to me being honest with him even though it’s not supportive whatsoever?

Thanks for any insight