Confused model : overeating

So, I’ve wanted to get rid of over eating for so long. But my model is confused or confusing….
C: I eat when I am not hungry
T: it might be the last time I can enjoy unnecessary food (pleasure, indulgence)
F: I have zero control over myself
A: eat beyond real hunger
R: feel awful physically and emotionally

I can’t seem to find a thought that helps me feel differently. And pretty often, my brain blocks any thought before I am already past the point where I could question my action. If I go with there will always be enough food, I enjoy eating when I’m hungry, it just feels like a lie. I know there will always be enough food (hopefully), but if I stop when I am not hungry, I can’t enjoy it.

So, I hope someone can help un-confuse my brain 🙂

Thanks a lot!