Hi I’m moving house with me family.its a big big move and I’m both excited and nervous about it. it feels so right for us no matter the moments of terror. I’ve been packing up the house and selling things we don’t need (thanks Brook for the tip in the money program) and generally leading the logistics of the move because my husband works a lot (I mean all the time not even exaggerating) and travels for work every 3 weeks too. I’ve been so unwell these past few years and now I’m so very well and so happy that I can think clearly enough to do this, plan and organise and also have left over energy to run the house hold plus help with his business and finances too. A year ago I couldn’t have opened and envelope without falling apart.. so hurrah!! I’m back! anyway the issue is that I have become unbearably controlling about the move… seeking my husband’s praise, getting uptight and angry when he doesn’t agree where things should go in the new house and on and on …. I know! It’s really unnecessary and I don’t know why I’m doing it and I also don’t seem to be able to stop it! Please help! Thanks a million x loving Scholars just working through the money program for a second time . This is my first month. Can’t wait to join the monthly topic with everyone in July. Is it money as well? If so great timing for me to deepen my learning. Thanks again.