Correct models?


I’ve been doing my daily thought downloads and models but my brain always seems to want to skip the models. I know this is where the real work is and have been making myself follow through but wanted to post below to check I’m on the right lines. I’ve been going through some changes at work and put myself forward for promotion. I had a formal meeting with my bosses and I did a good meeting but now my brain is rising up and I’m becoming fearful about my ability to do the job if I do get the promotion.

Unintentional model:
C – Work
T – I’m not good enough to get promotion.
F – Self doubt
A – Make myself small, don’t speak up due to fear of failure/being wrong
R – Don’t fully engage or back myself

Intentional model:
C – Work
T – Open to the idea that my contribution is valuable
F – Confident
A – Speak up, take action no matter what
R – Contribute, have my own back

Are these along the right lines? I’m trying to remember the new thought when a work event throws me for example I had a call with a writer (I work in script development) and felt like everyone in the office could hear my call and I doubted my judgement which then passed on to the writer and I found him getting more resistant to notes. This is part of the job but made me feel exposed, self conscious and started to doubt my own judgement. Also, the job is two fold in that I know I can’t hurt their feelings but I need a good relationship for them to deliver the work and I know I dislike conversations deemed difficult. Sorry, realised this is a two fold question but do you have any suggestions for bridging thought to work on difficult conversations?
Thanks so much!