Crazy eyes

I believe I make crazy eyes during conversations even with friends and family . But today I made progress and had non crazy eyes conversation with a doctor but I got a little anxious during another conversation with a sales representative . This never happened until 2015. Something happened in early 2015 . I could have normal conversation with all ,by looking in the eyes all my life until 2015 when something happened and I suddenly started getting anxious . Unfortunately I never lose the eye contact but I make the other person conscious about it and they will break the eye contact .

C conversation
T I make crazy eyes
F awkward
A opposite person senses my anxiety and breaks eye contact with me
R I lose the conversation as I’m aware that they are aware of my awkwardness

T I make crazy eyes is just a thought
F curious
A I’m genuinely interested in knowing where this conversation is going without being awkward
R make best of the interaction

I had not run the model earlier. But today I changed my thought the moment I became aware of my awkwardness ,which was setting in . Honestly all I believed was that me making crazy eyes was just a thought in my head and I managed to have a proper conversation without the awkwardness.
I’m not confident if I can pull it off next time .