Outgrowing friends

I’m learning how big my potential could be through SCS (which is amazing and feels amazing!!) But now I find myself outgrowing my friends. I want to be surrounded by people who want to grow and to become the best versions of themselves. I don’t really see that in my current group of friends and I know I can’t help them see what I see. I feel like I’m slowly drifting from these longtime friends, but I know I need to do what’s best for me. It’s like I’m losing all of my friends because no one else is doing the self-development work and I have no real friends I can truly be myself around. I found myself also complaining about stuff I don’t normally complain about and being pessimistic just so I could fit in with them! I did not like myself when I did…I can’t be myself around them. Our priorities are also just different now. When I talk about my growth journey and what I’m learning, they don’t engage so I can tell they’re not interested. So I’m outgrowing these friends and I’m having a hard time letting go, because trying to make and find new friends seems really hard. How do I deal with this loss?