Creating a Model for a Peaceful State of Mind

Hi, I would deeply appreciate some feedback and guidance on the following Model. Things are pretty chaotic in my life right now – home repairs with an unreliable contractor, planning for a trip, a weird financial transaction, etc. I was completing a TDL on things, and I had the thought that my purpose today and for the foreseeable future is to create a peaceful state of mind regardless of my circumstances. So, I’m working from the perspective of the peaceful state of mind being my result. It sounded good, but I’m bogged down on the Model. I originally put chaotic in the C line and then realized that it’s a problem because it’s an adjective, and that it is why I’m struggling. I am choosing to label my circumstances as chaotic. Therefore, I’ve already revised it. (By the time I’m done writing this, I may have completely and successfully coached myself! Ha!)

C – Home Repairs and Construction
T – Things are unpredictable right now, but I can accept what is.
F – Curiosity
A – ??? This is where I’m stuck. I’m not sure what to do, other than allow and accept, to reach being at peace.
R – I have a peaceful state of mind.

This model is what I want to be, but not where I currently am. Should I also do an unintentional model?

Thank you!