Crying: action or result?

I’m struggling with a model. I have been working on a particularly contentious issue at work for months now and have had lots of mind drama along the way. Today there were some emails back and forth about a potential resolution. I was attempting to get some additional information on certain items and then I asked for a specific change in terms to the resolution. I was essentially told no in the email after a long winded write up of why my ask was rejected. I, however, read the email as though it was styled in a way to tell me the reasons why my ask was ludicrous because I was already being offered “the best deal ever.” After reading the email, I wanted to cry and decided to try a model to avoid actually crying.

C: read email with answer to my question
T: I suck at what I do (I struggled finding the thought too because maybe my interpretation of the email was the thought?)
F: initially I put down “felt like I did something wrong” but then tried to name that with a specific feeling but struggled. I came up with guilt or shame
A: crying, over analyzed whether or not to write a response
R: crying? Didn’t respond, no more negotiating

Is crying an action or result? Can you help with this model? Thanks