Currency/C T

Hi Brooke,
Watched replay and loved it. So many concepts that are so helpful! I’ve been in the self help/spirituality world forever and the thought /reality /reframing stuff is not new to me but the model makes it so clear! So I wrote down that my goal is stop buffering (I’m a shopper/drinker). So I look at it like my goals are on “layaway” and I pay it down with the restlessness when I want to buffer. If I buffer I am raising the balance due on my items on layaway.

Changing the C has always been a big issue for me. Now I really really really really (did I mention really?) see that the T is the thing. So helpful with my job. I need to change the T and then make the choice from a good feeling place. Positive aspects like Abraham teaches.

Thanks so much! #tsw (this shit works)

Mary Jo