Current money models

Back in March I created a new job for myself and it’s going really well. I really love the company I’m working for and the people. I increased my income by over 2x. My impossible goal is to pay off my $37k in debt by the end of this year. Getting this new job was part of that. Here are my current models. I’m feeling a bit stuck.

C: $36,959.39 owed on May 14
T: I am pretty sure I’ll be able to get my debt under $36k by the end of this month
F: unsure
A: Pay minimums on all balances and then put the ~$1000 I earn in my business towards highest interest balance. Don’t actually calculate how much I’ll be able to put towards debt or how much I will bill in my business.
R: I don’t make $36k debt owed at the end May inevitable

C: I have 3 clients
T: It’s too hard to get new clients
F: dread
A: Work with the clients I already have. Don’t market myself to anyone new. Worry about not having enough time to create the money I want to create. Don’t look at how much I’ll bill this month or appreciate what I’ve created for myself.
R: I have 3 clients.

C: $36,959.39 owed on May 14
T: That’s a lot (and it’s already May 14th)
F: overwhelmed
A: ??
R: probably make no progress