Currently working a full time job and building a business

As I’m building my business, I’m noticing the need to slack off or take my day job easy. Currently I can and I have not needed to push myself lately, as I have all my current duties dialed in and to be more productive would mean taking on more responsibilities.
But as I learn more about myself and creating my future self, I see the value of using the tools like Monday morning hour 1, taking responsibility for my results and many more concepts, and my future self is reminding me I cannot leave my current job until I know I can be successful in either one (job or business).
I am finding myself resisting this concept. I have used this concept in my marriage and in relationships, but think it’s not going to work with my job. I also see how my resistance is causing me to be exhausted more than necessary and has stalled my income, yet I’m still resisting.
Any advice or questions I can ask myself to find why I’m resisting?
Thank you 🙏🏽