Dare of the Day – A swim

Back in 2010 when the economy shifted, collapsed, my career shifted with it. I used to work as a Producer for TV commercials and I re-invented myself and started working as an Airbnb host which I still do. Now I also coach people who want to learn about Airbnb. Back then I had too much time on my hands and WAY too much time on my head. Losing a career of 20 years will get on your head.

I decided to do Triathlons. I lost part of my hearing a few years before and got a bit of vertigo. I also didn’t how to swim, forget running and I’m was/still overweight. But I needed something to keep me busy.

I used to get out of my swim practice and cry at my friend’s house. I would be, I’m going to be the first person to die by strangulation because of a wetsuit. But I finished my first triathlon in 2011. And I just did my fourth triathlon in Cuba this last February. I still don’t run, the pounds are still there, but I’m a better swimmer.

Because of some migraines and then just found out some herniated neck discs I had to stop everything after Cuba. And I miss that swimming pool. I didn’t realize how much until I couldn’t do it. The last swim practice before going to Cuba was torture, I was crying in my goggles. Since February all I do is doctors’ treatments and appointments trying to get better. Well, last week I got 30 shots of Botox as a migraine treatment.

Yesterday, Monday, was the teams swim’s class. I was listening to Brooke’s class and I packed my bag and decided to go. The trains were late, it was a new pool location and a walk from the train. I got there with 15 minutes to spare. I was apprehensive, afraid, and a bit cocky. The coach said, just get in, feel the water.

I asked for the beginner lane. And I swam.

And that was my dare.